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Two Monkeys on a Mountain Two Monkeys on a Mountain

Rated 2 / 5 stars


It doesn't really match up together in some parts. The guitar playing is good, but the actual quality is pretty... well.. bad.

I'll give you 5 for guitar playing, but I have to take off 5 for the lack of it's sync up and the poor quality.

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Komozu responds:

Yea, if there's anything i need right now, it's a decent microphone.

Speed Slow Speed Slow

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

I like it

For such a minimal song it kept my interest the entire time. I enjoyed it very much, especially the water drums? Were those live recordings? If not, what drum machine did you use?

And which strings synth were you using?

I also thought it was an excellent use of quiet, barley noticable synth padding in the left and right.

Bak-R responds:

Hi, to be honest, i just use a basic drums kit but i work on the reverb, and the EQ. and to make some effect like that you just need to put a Equalizer (Old Phone, Radio ) effect ^^ and it's all ^^.

So i just use a drum kit from cubase, but you can do the same think in fl studio ^^.

The strings synth : at the begining it's the galaxy string from cubase with more reverbe ^^. and real string from East west orchestral gold.

The string synth is : "Evolving Galaxies" from HalionOne.

i hope it'll help you.

maybe You'll like this :!/v ideo/video.php?v=1456367101946

The lonely pigeon The lonely pigeon

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Absolutely love it.

Well done. Love the delay in the beginning. It sounds like it's mixed well regardless of how well you may be now. I mean, you could make the snare and bass harder for more of an impact, but who really cares. It fits together well.

Is your bass side-chained to your kick?

KioryFreeman responds:

I have no idea, to be honest I still don't know how I do half the stuff I do now, could you elaborate?